Not A Cookie: mixed-vegetable teabread

I hate wasting things, so I love Leftover Cookery. ??Today's adventure involved a *big* bag of frozen mixed vegetables

that had frozen into a gigantic lump. ??I wanted about a cup of them to put in fried rice (also made from leftovers!)
but could not break off an appropriately-sized chunk, so they all had to get defrosted. ??Since I don't think you can re-freeze frozen veggies,??and some of them were freezer-burned anyway, I was on the hunt for something to do with the (non-freezer-burned portion of the) extras.

I had an epiphany when I thought of my friend Ian's zucchini bread recipe. He wrote it out for me
for my birthday one year, and explicitly included several variations: carrot, sweet potato, other squashes.
My mixed veggies included carrots (also peas, green beans, and corn)—how bad could it be???
In the absolute worst-case, I would have wasted a little bit of my bread-making supplies.
(We buy flour in 25# bags, I am not concerned about 2.5c)

So I mixed, and I measured, and threw the veggies into the food processor to roughly puree.
Then I picked the baby up and gave her a hug.
(She is afraid of the food processor. Oops. Bad Mommy.)
I used brown sugar instead of white, and cut it from 1.5c to 1c, because my household prefers less-sweet things.
And then we put the bread into the oven, and went to play in the other room.
An hour later, I stabbed the bread with a butter knife. Not done.
It took 80 minutes to get a bread that was fully baked (recipe says 60-90, so this is ok)
I pulled it out, let it cool for about a minute, and then overturned it and peeled away the silicone loaf pan.
(Man, I love that thing. I am terrible at remembering to grease pans, and with the silicone I never have to!)
The bread is surprisingly good! ??It is *really quite good* with apple butter, but, really, I could put apple butter on cardboard and be happy, so that's neither here nor there. ??I think I made the right choice with the sugars—.5c more of sugar would have been fine, but wasn't needed, and brown sugar really goes well in this kind of quickbread.

Mixed-vegetable Bread

Mixed-vegetable Bread Closeup

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