Still not a cookie: California Nut Bread


We had my in-laws up for the weekend, so I made a new kind of bread.

The "California Nut Bread" from The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook(1), made with walnuts and walnut oil,??is absolutely amazing. So good, in fact, that my father-in-law wanted to eat nothing else, and my mother-in-law left with a copy of the recipe.

This bread can be made with any kind of nut, it says, as long as you use the corresponding nut oil. ??Otherwise, it's a pretty simple
white bread with buttermilk, but it comes out *really* tender and nutty. ??You really have to use the nut oil, but while you're at your favorite hippie grocery store getting that, you can pick up the vital wheat gluten and the SAF yeast it calls for (2) and the buttermilk powder that I use in preference to buttermilk.

(1) I love this book!
(2)??You can use normal yeast—SAF yeast only comes in big packets, as far as I can tell, so it's wasteful if you don't bake often—but it really does seem to rise better. This one nearly hit the top of the bread machine, and then the big fluffy top was squashed when I turned it out of the pan. Oh well—I will never get prizes for presentation with bread-machine breads!

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