June 1942: Honey Refrigerator Cookies

Closeup: Honey Refrigerator Cookies

Gourmet published this recipe because sugar was rationed, so they wanted to show people that honey could be used instead.  Since it actually uses honey and brown sugar both, it still needs sugar—I guess you can make more cookies from your sugar ration?  

Either way, these were a *huge* hit with our guests last night, and were quite easy. The only tricky bit was getting the dough made 1-2 days before baking so it could mature in the refrigerator. 

Apparently they keep well—but I’m not sure I’ll ever know. Of the yield of 40, 2 didn’t make it to the oven, 2 disappeared straight off the baking sheet, and only 6 are left now.  They are not too sweet, have lovely honey and walnut flavor, and are dairy-free.  Unlike a lot of my recent cookies (which have been very fragile) these are nicely robust and awesome dipped in tea or coffee.  I will be making these again.

Before Baking: Honey Refrigerator Cookies

After Baking: Honey Refrigerator Cookies

One thought on “June 1942: Honey Refrigerator Cookies

  1. When they went to press, sugar rationing probably hadn’t started yet. But by the time it came out in June 1942, the ration was one pound per person per two-week period???but you were docked a stamp for every pound over two pounds per person in your house. The idea that we’d only have 6 pounds of sugar per month is… well, I guess they cooked differently.

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