July 1957: Lace Cookies

We were craving something sweet last night, and the lace cookies (an almond florentine) seemed like just the thing—fast, easy, and sweet for an after-dinner treat with tea.  They *were* all those things—but they came out really nothing like the picture in the book, nor really like a florentine.

Brian helped me with these, running some almonds through the food processor to get the finely ground almonds we needed, while I creamed the butter and sugar and a scant 3 tablespoons of flour.  Somewhere in here, something went wrong: Instead of being flat and crinkly and spreading out to big flat wafers, these came out chewy and puffy. (They did crisp up as they cooled completely, but they are still much puffier than they should be).  

Our best theories are:
(1) I put in more than 3 tbsp of flour
(2) The butter wasn’t soft enough
(3) the dust from grinding the almonds in the food processor acted like extra flour

(4) we creamed the ingredients too much, or overbeat the egg

Or some combination of all of the above.

Anyway, they aren’t florentines, but they *were* really tasty. This made about 20 cookies.


July 1957: Lace Cookies (bottom)

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