Why there are no cookies

My oven is broken.

That's right. I'll let that settle in. ??As if there weren't enough things going on in my life right now, there are No Cookies.
None. ??I got a little bit of my fix the other day because Panera gave me a free cookie when we stopped to get E a snack after our 5 mile walk (I ❤ Panera)
but I can't bake cookies, or brownies, or lemon bars, or E's birthday cake. (Not that she'll remember her 1st birthday, anyway, but I was looking forward to making her a birthday cupcake.) ??

And the whole thing was very sudden and yet unexciting. ??We had turned the oven on low to keep delivery pizza warm
while we put E to bed, and then the circuit breaker popped. ??It wouldn't stay reset, so we called a service tech.
$80, three days and a nice view of the back and insides of the oven later, they informed us that there wasn't any obvious, visible short, but that the $700 control board was shot.

??We've lived in our house for two and a half years, and in that time it's been broken twice. ??Last time, the free home warranty that was included by the realtor covered it.

But we didn't renew that once the free one expired, and the service tech thinks there may be something more serious that he just can't find. ??So we're shopping for a new oven and microwave. ??

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