Zucchini upside-down bread

Even with the oven still in the middle of the kitchen floor, the
Zojirushi Breadman has allowed us to not be entirely carb-deprived.
It’s a great bread machine, although it is better at yeast breads than
quickbreads (or ” cakes”, as it calls them), since there is no way to
add time if it’s not done.

I also, thanks to Ian, have an authentic Canadian recipe for zucchini
bread which is *delicious*. The last few times I made it I have used
carrots, but I bought zucchini specifically for this bread last week.

I put in all the ingredients—but in the order on the card, not the
order the bread machine needs. It turns out to actually be quite
important to put the wet ingredients in first. Even though I mixed in
some things during the “Add something” phase, there were still crusty
flour chunks on some edges of the finished bread. Luckily, my family
doesn’t mind non-pretty food!