shaped like a cookie: deep dish butternut pizza

I find myself wanting to write about more than just cookies. Rather
than starting a whole new blog, I think I will just expand this one.
Don’t worry, though—I will still be doing the Gourmet Cookie Book
project, and other cookies!

I made dinner Tuesday night—it was a deep-dish butternut squash pizza, and it turned out *awesome*. 

Butternut Squash Pizza

Zeroth(1), I put the cornmeal pizza crust recipe from “The Bread
Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook” into the bread machine on the dough
First, I cut my adorable little butternut squash into 1/2″ pieces.
This is *way* harder with a 1 year old clinging to your knees, so it
took nigh unto forever, but wasn’t actually difficult—the only
challenge was keeping her in a safe place for me to use a knife and
vegetable peeler.
Second, I put the squash, a chopped red onion, sage, nutmeg and garlic
into a glass roasting pan with some(2) olive oil, and roasted it for
about 18 minutes at 400F(3).

Meanwhile, once the pizza dough finished in the bread machine, I
shaped it into a springform pan and baked it for 10 minutes at 400F.
Then I pulled it out, turned the heat down to 350F, and shaped the
dough further—crushing down the bottom and pushing more crust up the
sides. I put mozarella cheese on the bottom, then a layer of the
roasted vegetables mixed with a can of diced tomato, then another
layer of cheese, then another layer of veggies, then a final topping
of cheese. The whole thing went in to bake for 40 minutes. 10
minutes in, I noticed that the top was browning too quickly, so I put
tinfoin loosely over it.
When it was done, I let it rest for a few minutes(4) and then had a
delicious, thick-crust pizza!

Two days later, it’s still good—1/8 to 1/6 of a pie is *plenty* for
most adults, so it is leftovers for days 🙂

(1) Yes. I married a computer scientist, it got to me. I like to count
from zero. Besides, it means you don’t have to re-write your list when
you realize that you did something before the thing you listed first.
(2)How much? “Enough”
(3) Everything I could find suggested 20 minutes at 400F, but after
18 it looked Quite Roasted Enough. I blame the convection feature.
(4) More than a few, actually—I had to give E a bath, after she
“ate” the extra vegetables (aka smeared them in her hair)
But it was tasty and still mostly hot 30 minutes after I took it out
of the oven.


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