Cherry Crisp

I made Peach Crisp last weekend, and Lynn said it was the best dessert
she’d had all summer. (And she’s a Pastry Expert, so that made me feel
pretty awesome)
So we bought some more peaches, and some cherries, and I was torn
about which to make.

And then my family set into the peaches, and suddenly there weren’t
enough of them for a crisp. So cherry it was!
I pitted cherries for like an hour, only losing about a quarter of
each cherry to the Very Hungry Toddler (who is a huge fan of fruit)
Then I let them mascerate in the last 1/4c or so of vanilla sugar
(which we’ve had since approximately 2001—one of my old roommates
made it!) and some cinnamon for an hour or two. Then I made Bittman’s
crumble topping (from How to Cook Everything and How to Cook
Everything Vegetarian), and baked it for about 35 minutes at 350F.

Cherry Crisp


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