Scottish Oat Crunchies, January 1943

That’s right, we’re back on the Gourmet Cookie Book Project! It’s
January 1943, eggs are rationed, and so there are none in these
cookies. There is quite a bit of sugar, though—1C of light brown
sugar. (I don’t actually know if brown sugar was easier to get in 1943
than white.)

There was one issue with these, and it did affect the final result.  The recipe says “refrigerate for at least 20 minutes, then roll out on a lightly floured board and cut 2″ circles”.  That part I did. Then “Move to a buttered baking sheet with a large spatula”  This did not work *at all*.  Maybe it was because I was baking just before a hurricane, or maybe 2 hours wasn’t long enough to let them chill after all, but only two managed to be lifted onto the baking sheet—the others just crumpled into balls.  Eventually, I gave up and just dropped teaspoonfulls onto the baking sheet (which I didn’t bother to butter) and pressed them flat.  I tried pressing them with a cup (to which they stuck) and then gave up and used my hand.  I tried to have sets of same-sized cookie balls, and, having matched them all up now, seem to have managed at least that much quality control.

They came out very pale, but very tasty—even when I baked them for
15 minutes at 350F instead of 10 minutes.   Brian really likes them with peanut butter inside (He says “Look out, Girl
Scouts!” and that he will never need Do-so-dos again)   I just bought some sour cherry jam (recommended by the book) to try,  so we’ll see how that is!

@marleigh yum! I made Scottish Oat Crunches (these two are with peanut butter filling)


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