Canadian Zucchini Bread Muffins

I love zucchini bread. I love it so much that, after I ate the whole
last loaf in a day, I went out to buy more zucchini.
The best recipe I’ve ever found for it was courtesy of my favorite
Canadian physicist, and that’s what I made—except that, last time,
my silicone bread pan smelled like it was burning. My glass pan isn’t
big enough, so I made muffins. (I also cut out .5c of sugar from the
1.5c that the recipe requires, because we like everything less sweet.)

Before I poured in the batter, I pulled out my trusty container of Canadians:

And then we put the muffins in, in two stacks, without convection:

They came out great!


Unfortunately, they went into the car in a
plastic bag shortly after cooling, and I forgot to take a picture.
After a 3 hour drive and then a trip to the beach, they are no longer
photogenic (but they are still tasty)


edit: I did take a picture!!



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