Benne Wafers, December 1954

So, this is another recipe that looks *wonderful*, tastes great, but
the presentation was all wrong.

I baked these yesterday during Emi’s nap, hoping to share them with
the moms and toddlers in a playgroup we were hosting.
But the first sheet ran together into… a sheet (interestingly, no
cookie dripped over the edge of the Volrath—it just covered the
cookie sheet and stopped sharply at the edge). These were toffee-like
and crinkled up into clumps when I tried to remove them from the pan.
The second sheet (on my AirBake sheet) baked maybe two minutes longer,
and *welded* themselves onto the pan in crispy clumps. They had to be
scraped off.   I might not have greased the AirBake as much as I greased the Volrath,
I suppose—I used my spray can of canola on both, but I recall that
it was spraying more of a stream and less of a mist when I did the
second pan.
My other thought is that I overbaked the second batch, but perhaps my new oven
runs cold? This isn’t the first thing I’ve baked with the new oven
that seemed to not be quite done.
 (And there was a bread pudding I made with leftover Canadian Zucchini Bread Muffins that also came out really runny)  I think I need to find an oven thermometer.

This recipe is unusual—only 1.5 tbsp of butter and 2 tbsp of flour,
into a cup of sugar. Because there is so little butter, I wonder whether my rough
approximation of the butter had an effect, and I wonder whether not
beating the egg before adding it to the butter and sugar mix had an

I ended up letting the first sheet cool on a piece of parchment paper,
from which they were eaten like candy. The second sheet was scraped
into a bowl,  which I’m currently eating over ice cream. Brian thinks they’d be good
in yogurt, like a very sweet sesame granola. I think this recipe is
worth trying again.


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