Beef Stew

From the “Stuff with Meat” series:

I made beef stew. Inspired by the recipe for Guiness Stew in the
Gourmet Slow Cooker recipe book, I floured and browned the beef before
putting it in the slow cooker,
and then added carrots, celery, and onions, and a bunch of spices that
I didn’t really measure, including some multi-colored peppercorns. I
did not actually use Guiness, and I used a lot more water (6c) than
they called for.

Since I didn’t have any potatoes, I made spaetzle (dumplings) to put
in it — I made them in a separate pot, refrigerated them and then
put them in the bowl before ladling the stew in. That worked pretty
well! Emi didn’t want any of it except the onions and the broth, and,
after eating some ice cubes, some of the spaetzle, but I think her
teeth hurt so I’m not taking it personally. (Not that I should really
take rejection by a toddler as a solid critique of my cooking, anyway,
but she’s all I had for critics the last two nights.) We’ll see how
it fares in leftovers—I have *tons* of both this and the spaghetti
sauce left.


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