Bok Choi with Shrimp

We got Bok Choi in our CSA box this week. I had never cooked with it
before, so I went looking on the internet for help.
This recipe
got me started,
but (wait for it) I didn’t follow it perfectly. (I know, you’re all shocked.)

I did try soaking the shrimp, but they were frozen, and I didn’t have
rice vinegar. I used regular vinegar, but I think it all washed off
when I had to rinse the shrimp to defrost them further. I also cooked
them too long, because I was trying to keep everything warm waiting
for the rice. They were a little rubbery, which was totally

The sauce was delicious: I only had dark soy sauce and used brown
sugar, I used powdered ginger and added some dried minced garlic.
I did not fry the spices first, since they were dried, but added them
to the bok choi right before adding the sauce.

The apparent hit of the meal, though, was the rice. I just bought
Kokuho Rose rice in a *huge* Costco bag, despite having never tried it
I fried the grains in a tablespoon of peanut oil for a few minutes,
just until they were toasted a bit, and (as usual) toasting the grains
makes a huge difference.
(I think we got that from Bittman, but now I do that with ~ any grain.
It just makes the flavor so much better.) It was completely cooked at
17m, and then I let it steam into a towel for ten more. I pulled out a
serving for Emi before the steaming, and it was fine, but it was way
better afterward—nicely sticky.
Brian says we don’t need to order from 3 Fortunes anymore 🙂


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