Baby Jayne Hat & Toddler Tam


Two of friends had a baby this summer (actually, a *lot* of my friends had babies this summer) and gave her the middle name Jayne. This made me think of Adam Baldwin’s character in Firefly, Jayne Cobb, and his Hat. I wanted to make it for Baby Jayne. So I found a pattern on Ravelry, and found some really bright yellow, orange and red yarn in my stash. (Why do I have day-glo orange yarn? It’s a long story.)

I started this while we were visiting Camp Calumet, and was almost to the ear flaps when I decided that I didn’t like the holes that ending a row and then starting with Ch 3 were making. I frogged the whole thing and made some changes: 

  • I started with a magic loop instead of a Ch 4 and join. 
  • I worked continuously through the rounds (so in a spiral, rather than joining rows and then Ch 3 to start a new row.) 
  • I lined the hat with a fleece band. I had planned to fully line it, using >these instructions, but I didn’t have a convenient baby head (Emi’s head is *not* 6-month-old sized. She wore a 2T hat last winter.) Since I couldn’t fit the liner properly, I just cut off the excess material (I love fleece) and ended up more or less using this method

Baby Jayne Hat

Since Baby Jayne is not an only child, I also made a hat for her sister:


It might really be a beret rather than a tam, but that’s not alliterative, now is it? It’s based off of this pattern

More pictures are here: and
the Ravelry page for these are here: and here:


And here are some pictures of them wearing the hats!



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