Navettes Sucr??es (Sugar Shuttles) – December 1951

These aren’t space ships—they look like loom/sewing machine shuttles
(at least, the kind before standard spools of thread—the kind you
might see for handspun). But they taste amazing. The Gourmet editors
say “this old-fashioned cookie resembles nothing we’d seen before”,
I’ve seen something like it: snickerdoodles. Even to the rolling in
sugar (although these have no cinnamon, and you don’t roll
snickerdoodles in egg white), these are very similar to my mom’s
favorite cookie.

I made a double batch, because I thought I was going to like
these—and it’s a good thing, since I had five while they were
cooling. These are delicious one-bite cookies (or two bites for the
Jr. Assistant Cookie Taster, drafted into service since my Senior
Cookie Taster is off giving a talk) and I don’t expect there will be
any left tomorrow.


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