Jelly Centers, June 1948

Jelly Centers, June 1948

These are *very* rich—I would even say “eggtacular”, since they
contain 6 egg yolks. (Yes, I made more meringues with the whites.)
They’re supposed to have one more for glaze, and be coated in almonds,
but I skipped that step because I didn’t have time to crush more
blanched almonds.


My Senior Cookie Taster

“These are not sugar shuttles. Ooh, meringues!”

Junior Cookie Taster

tried them and was also unimpressed, other than by the jelly.
She also seems to prefer the teeny-tiny meringues.


We took E and Jr Taster R some of these, and they really liked them,
so most of these are in the freezer for party-cookies next week.
I think they are just not my family’s cookie.


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