Ladybug Dress

I did not like the costume options for my large 1 year old, so I made
one. We bought the wings and antennae off Amazon, but the dress is all
double-crochet with double-crocheted rounds tacked on for spots.
Outfitted with a black t-shirt (there are seriously no black bodysuits
to be found in 2T in the entire Boston metro area) and black tights,
she looks adorable!


I designed the pattern for this one myself, but I need to write the
rest of it up. It’s a tube that narrows a bit at the waist, and then
goes into straps shaped from both sides to a button. I ended up
ripping out the original straps because it was too tight under her
arms, so I need to go back and count where they actually are placed,
once I recover the costume from her laundry pile (which is not an
option right now, as she is asleep)


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