Corned Beet Hash


Brian made some beet burgers for last night’s dinner—kind of like a
falafel with turnip and beet instead of chickpeas. It looks *exactly*
like raw ground beef:

Beet burgers

But there were a lot of leftovers, so we needed something else to do
with them. I wanted something breakfast-y, so I decided that the beet
burgers, which were already a bit crumbly, would work great in hash.
We washed and chopped some potatoes and two of the carrots I just
pulled from the garden, and boiled them for a few minutes to soften,
then tossed them in the cast iron pan with some onions frying in olive
oil. I spiced them with cayenne, garlic and salt (paprika instead of
cayenne for the less spicy bowl) and Brian poached eggs (very
impressive! I can not do it!) to go on top.

This was actually really good! The beet sweetness was not
overpowering, but noticeable, and if I had been a bit more patient or
used a little more oil they texture would have been perfect.


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