Ladybug Dress Pattern/Tutorial

This dress is worked from the bottom. You can adjust sizing pretty
easily, and it is very forgiving of dropped or added stitches in the
lower sections—it’s just a big tube with a very small amount of
shaping. If this were an everyday dress, it might want to be lined,
since it is crochet and therefore full of holes.

Row 0: chain 80, turnrow 1: chain 3, double crochet 79, join in a
circle (careful not to twist—mobius sweaters are no fun!)Rows 2-13:
double crochet 80Row 14: dc 16, skip 1, repeat 3×15: dc 15, skip 1,
repeat16: dc 14, skip 1, repeat17: dc 13, skip 1, repeat18: dc 12,
skip 1, repeat19-30: dc 60
Now make straps!

31: ch3, DC 30, turn.??32: Skip one DC, ch3, DC 28, turn.
Right Front Strap:33: Skip one DC, DC 9, turn34: Skip one DC, ch3, DC
9, turn35-37: ch3, dc 7, turn
Left Front Strap:Skip 10 DC and repeat rows 33-37

Rear Straps:Starting from Row 31, skip 5 DC31: DC 22, turn32-46: ch3,
DC 7, turnSkip 6 DC, then repeat rows 32-46 for the other strap.


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