Owl and Elephant Blanket



Now that it has gone to the intended recipient, I can post about my
latest blanket: the Elephant and Owl baby blanket!
This one is for my daughter’s godparents, one of whom loves owls and
one of whom loves elephants, and who have a four month old little boy.
This was my first experiment with lining a blanket, mostly because
the owl nose and attaching the eyes left some strings on the back of
those squares. Loose strings + baby = bad, and one of our favorite
blankets was a very heavyweight one with a fleece back (it works
really well on the floor for a young baby to play on), so I wasn’t too
afraid of it being too much.

Like the other big blankets, this one is 20×20 granny squares in
double crochet, with an H hook and Caron Simply Soft yarn. I used
some other yarns for the owl, because I didn’t have Simply Soft in
tan, but I don’t know what the tan *is*—just an unlabeled big skein
from my stash.

Elephant Owl blanket

The elephant is not a new pattern—I used the same one as for the Ella-phant blanket (Not that it isn’t still adorable). The owl, though, I am
pretty proud of:

Owls in Process

The body is very simple, and what makes it really work are the
attached eyes (also quite simple—just rounds). They are stitched on
with very visible brown yarn, which is also used for the nose.
Despite being a variety of colors, I think they go well together:

Elephant and Owl - closeup

The very last thing I did is attach a backing fabric and then crochet an edging:

The backing fabric was my second attempt—the first fabric I picked
was an adorable monkey print in the same color as the green yarn of
the plain squares, but it was a stretchy cotton and Simply Would Not
Block. This one is a relatively thin flannel, and is perfect—the
non-stretchyness of the material helped me square the blanket. I used
a machine to sew around the edge, and then down the center both
horizontally and vertically. The edging is a scallop stitch, done
very tightly, which also helps make the final product more square and
makes up for the fact that the squares which were pulled from my
spare-white-squares pile were not quite the same gauge as the ones I
made more recently.


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