Cranberry Sauce

Some crazy person in Whole Paycheck decided that nobody wants cranberries the week after Thanksgiving, so they were on sale for $2.99! I bought two quarts, because cranberry might be my favorite fruit. Also, I had like 8 oranges whose membranes are too thick for me to give to Emi without peeling them off or picking up pre-chewed orange skins off the floor later. (Yuck) I juiced the oranges, which gave me 4 cups of orange juice.

Most cranberry sauce recipes require 1c of liquid and 1c of sugar per 12 oz of cranberries. I tend to skimp on the sugar, because I like tart things. Also, I’ve run into a couple recipes in Cooks Illustrated lately that reduce fruit juice or fruit pulp to achieve really good flavor. So I strained out most of the pulp and seeds, and then boiled the juice with a cinnamon stick and three cloves to reduce it by half:

Then I added the cranberries, and boiled for a while. Here’s the recipe!




  • 4c orange juice
  • .5 or brown sugar
  • 2 quarts (24 oz?) fresh cranberries
  • cinnamon stick
  • 3 cloves (optional)

    Boil the orange juice with the cinnamon stick and cloves until it is reduced to 2 cups. Meanwhile, wash the cranberries. Put them in by handfulls, discarding any that are squishy or deflated. Boil until the cranberries pop and it reaches your desired consistency (it will get more jelly-like as it boils)

    I got two quart-sized bowls of cranberry sauce out of this, so you could easily halve the recipe if you onlyhad one quart of cranberries.


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