First Batch, in a bowl

I apparently have a thing for candies. I am a *huge* toffee fan, but I’ve never made it before last week. What happened last week, you ask? My boss had a request for a chocolate bar with toffee. Neither of us is a fan of High Fructose Corn Syrup (a little for health reasons, but mostly for flavor reasons), so she always makes her own caramel or toffee, but usually using Golden Syrup as a replacement. She didn’t have any of that, either, so I found a recipe online that used superfine sugar, instead. We decided to forge ahead with regular granulated sugar, and got a fine pan full of crunchy toffee to go in Picadilly and Heathrow bars.

But I’d love to give big pieces of toffee as Christmas presents, because it’s fun to explain to the TSA why I’m bringing four pounds of confections in my carryon.

Toffee Ingredients

I started with Chef Eddy’s recipe, since it worked so well last time, but pulled out my brand-new silicone macaron pan so I could make individual toffee coins that I can later dip in chocolate.

Things Did Not Go As Planned.

First Batch of Toffee

I knew, from previous experience, that her stove doesn’t get as hot as mine (they’re both gas, but hers has really high standoffs). But I wasn’t really thinking about that until I went from frozen butter and granulated sugar to a bubbly-hot pot of 295F bubbles in something under 10 minutes. Apparently this wasn’t actually a good thing, since the toffee separated as I poured it into the mould and onto my silicone baking sheet. Based on this, I give you:

Rules for Candy Making

  • (1) Do not make tea.
  • (2) Slow down. More heat is not better.
  • (3) Don’t get distracted. Stay at the stove and stir the damned toffee

    I bet you’re wondering where that third rule came from! While I was googling “separated toffee”, I found one of my favorite food bloggers had *also* published a HFCS-free toffee recipe, and with a slightly smaller quantity. Since I wanted to fit one batch of toffee into one macaron pan, I washed everything and started with this recipe instead

    Everything was going *swimmingly*, and since I was working during naptime, I was able to manage Rule #3… right up until the toffee reached 250F and the toddler woke up from her nap. I stirred the toffee and ran up to get her. So the next 10 minutes or so looked like:

    • Grab the toddler, run downstairs
    • Stir the toffee
    • Put her in the high chair
    • Stir the toffee
    • Get out the leftovers for her lunch
    • Stir the toffee
    • Get a bowl
    • Stir the toffee
    • Get a spoon
    • Stir the toffee
    • Use the spoon to put mac&cheese in a bowl
    • Stir the toffee
    • Put the bowl in the microwave
    • Stir the toffee
    • Take the food out of the microwave
    • Stir the toffee
    • Break up the macaroni to cool
    • Stir the toffee
      • You get the idea. It was a little crazy.

      But it was worth it! This one never turned dark, and was almost perfect for the macaron pan. The little bit that went onto the silicone baking sheet did separate, but it had cooled quite a bit in the pan, and wasn’t much loss

      Second Batch: not separated!


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