Spiral Marble Cookies

These were supposed to be spiral sugar cookies: neat little swirls of
chocolate and vanilla sugar cookie:

But I’m starting to think that I could start a website called “Does
it roll?” and just post a series of pictures of my cookie doughs with
the word “No” overlaid. Maybe I can have some pictures of balls and
wheels with “Yes” in there for variety, but there won’t be any “Yes”
cookies, since I can’t seem to get a rolled cookie right to save my

This one is another older recipe, from the Betty Crocker Cookie Book.
I followed all the directions, although I doubled the recipe so I
could make one big batch. I worked 4 oz of melted, unsweetened
Callebaut chocolate into half, and refrigerated the two halves
separately, wrapped in plastic.
The plain rolled like a dream—a little sticky, since I didn’t flour
the rolling pin at all, and a little crumbly until I got started, but
after that it was perfect.
The chocolate was a complete crumbly disaster. It broke into big
chunks, and would not roll into anything.
I tried smooshing it on top of the vanilla, but even when I had patted
it down into a reasonable, if thick, sheet, there was no rolling.
Now what?

“Make Do”

I wasn’t very well going to let a double batch of tasty cookie dough
go to waste, especially given that it ran off with 4 oz of my
chocolate! So I layered the dough chunks on top of each other and made
another attempt at flattening:

Then I broke pieces off and rolled them into little marbles:

That actually worked! They look cool, if not at all what I intended,
and they taste good. I wasn’t sure about baking time (the spirals were
supposed to get 8-10 minutes) so I tried 12 for the first set, which
was too much. 8 minutes seems to have been about right—a few of the
second set actually burned on the bottom a tiny bit!


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