Braised Romaine with Eggs, Carrots, Tomatoes and Spaetzel

This was one of those “making it up as you go” kind of dinners.  I had a head of Romaine lettuce from our CSA that was a little wilted, and I hated to throw it out.  So I went to my cookbook shelf.  “How to Cook Everything” informed me that Romaine could be braised like kale or chard or other “winter greens”, which got me very excited.  I know how to braise greens!!!  

For this batch, I started with my usual soy sauce, water, ginger and garlic. However, this time I forgot to put in any brown sugar. When I realized my mistake, the sauce was already in the pan, and it was too late to dissolve the sugar.  Instead, I grabbed my dark molasses, and drizzled a bit of that over the pan. 

This turned out *awesome*.   No more brown sugar—the molasses was a lot easier and a better texture.

Meanwhile, I was already steaming some carrots for E, because she is secretly a rabbit in a  giant-toddler-shaped-body.  When they finished, I put a couple of eggs in the water that had been under the steamer basket, and medium-boiled them. (This is just like soft boiling, only more. Or like hard boiling, only stopping before the yolk gets chalky. Either way, tastier yolk.)

We also had some leftover spaetzel in the fridge, from my crock pot chicken soup the other day, so I used that and some leftover rice as the starch in an otherwise very veggie-centric meal.  E loved it, which made me happy.  B and I did, too, but we like (almost) everything



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