Moravian White Christmas Cookies (December 1946)

Hold onto your hats, kids, it’s another rolled cookie. 
Yes, again.
Because I am a glutton for punishment?
Something like that.

Anyway, this one was way less bad than the last few.  I had put this cookie off because I don’t normally stock sherry—but I can’t taste it in the dough or the final product. Maybe I’d miss it if it weren’t there?  I also think these need a lot more cinnamon and nutmeg—which is why they got frosted with cinnamon icing.

This time, I rolled the dough out on parchment paper.  This helped in two ways: I could remove the cookies a little easier from the paper, *or* I could simply remove the extra dough from around the cookie-cut shapes, and put the paper straight onto a cookie sheet and into the oven!  The indented round cookies are from extra dough I didn’t feel like rolling out—I pressed the cookie cutter into a flattened ball.  They turned out better than I deserved given how lazy I was being.

I also put half the dough for this recipe into the freezer, shaped into a log and wrapped in plastic.  Those were baked off as “slice and bake” cookies, which also worked pretty well.  

I pulled the icing recipe from the 1960 Betty Crocker Cookie Book, which is reliably awesome. Okay, except that it’s where those swirl cookies came from, but that is not it’s fault.  Instead of vanilla, I used cinnamon extract (a handmade extract from my friend Ariel at Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory.  It’s *really* strong, so 1/2 tsp was more than enough.



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