Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

I got a new cookie sheet!

New Volrath, Old Volrath

And I had some extra egg yolk, so I made peanut-butter cookies. The Betty Crocker Cookie Book is from the 1960s:

Betty Crocker Cookie Book

but the cookies are really good. (Even when I can’t roll them, like the Spiral Marble Cookies

I also got some cookie scoops for Christmas. I’ve never had one before—what a fun toy!

Using the Cookie Scoop

The cookies also turned out pretty well.  The first batch seemed too dry to me, so I added a little peanut oil. That made them a lot easier to work, but B didn’t like the flavor of the second batch as much. None of them went spare, though, when we brought them to a party!

Peanut Butter Cookies


4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

  1. I can see the cookies now iff I click through. Inline images are still broken, presumably because they were cached at blog-posting time.

  2. My fault still—mostly. Posterous does a bunch of interpretation when you post by email, and my posts were already html-marked. This never ends well. There’s a way to tell it "this is already html" and I forgot.

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