Truffles, Part 2: The Rolling

I was so excited that my ganache came out not only useable but tasty that I could not wait to roll truffles. I also haven’t made them in *ages*—despite being a founding member and teaching truffle-making classes for the MIT Laboratory for Chocolate Science, I don’t have that many opportunities to make truffles.

Rolling ganache in cashews

Luckily for me, this ganache was also really easy to roll. With the consistency of modeling clay, I had no trouble mushing in chopped cashews, even when they were chopped too finely and not finely enough at the same time. (Stupid chopper. Alternately, user error. PEBFAC*)

Cashew truffle insides

4 cups of ganache makes a lot of chocolate, so I eventually got bored with cashews and ran out of those I’d pre-chopped. I decided to try rolling the ganache in coconut *and* cashews, which worked *really really well*. The coconut (very finely pre-shredded, by someone with an industrial process of some sort) sticks to the ganache beautifully, even when I have already smushed cashews into it.

Cashew and Coconut Cashew Truffle Insides

But I also got bored with that. I decided to try cherries. I have a bag of really tart dried cherries that I love (and so does my Assistant Baker, who calls them “Cherry Raisins”) that I thought might make a nice contrast with the dark chocolate. I tried just surrounding one in a truffle, but it was not enough cherry—the chocolate completely dominated. I settled on a method that is, essentially, smushing as many dried cherries as possible together with ganache until you have a ball of approximately the right size that stays together. Really tasty. I have high hopes for this one.

Stay tuned for Truffles, Part 3: The Dipping, and Four Cups of Ganache is Really Too Muchor “What am I going to do witht the rest of this?!?

*Problem Exists Between Floor and Chocolate. A variant of PEBKAC: problem exists between keyboard and chair


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