Butternut squash and Kale


4 tbsp butter
1.75ish lbs of butternut squash, in small cubes (1″ish)
1 lb kale, washed, de-stemmed and chopped 1 lg onion, chopped
5 sage leaves, washed and chopped
Garlic, salt, pepper & nutmeg to taste

In the everlasting quest to use all the veggies from the CSA, tonight’s dinner could have been a setback. I bought this squash from the grocery store while shopping for Jello (stay tuned for that adventure!).

But we here at Sniffen Laboratories are resourceful, and found a way to include the kale in an otherwise kale-free supper. If I were doing this again, I would let the onions and squash brown a bit before adding the greens, but it did work.

What I did:
Melt the butter in a deep pot.
Add the onion. Cook a few minutes.
Add kale and squash.
Cook over medium-high heat. Let 2-3 minutes go between stirrings to let it brown a bit. If the bottom starts collecting browned bits, put .5c of water in and stir. Continue until the squash and kale are tender. If the kale is too tough and/or the toddler is insistent that you come play with her, turn off the heat and let sit 10m. Then wash the bubble solution off your hands, turn the heat back on and resume. The total time should be around 30m


Chicken Pot Pie


I am a bit behind on blogging, but I was so proud of this pie. I made a cheddar-cheese pie crust on pi-day, but didn’t make the pie until a week later.
I pre-cooked the veggies: saut??eing them in olive oil, and the chicken was left over from making stock. The crust is from “The Pie and Pastry Bible”, which has amazing crusts. I put garlic and sage in with the veggies, which was a great idea.

I did not realize I had enough dough for a two-crust pie until it was too late, sadly—so I had extra dough. Berenbaum recommended baking the scraps to just eat, but I also made two apple pielettes.

The pot pie was amazing. Sage is my new favorite, maybe after nutmeg. The apples were a little less great—too dry. For the first time ever, I wish I had put sugar in the pies.