Purple Cabbage


Did you know that food-based blue dye is made from purple cabbage? (Or blueberries). I needed food coloring in a rush, and was at Whole Paycheck getting gluten-free cupcake mix, and there it was! Our spring CSA sent us purple cabbage this week, and since tomorrow is a new box, tonight was it’s night (otherwise there would not be room—our fridge is pretty small). Since one can only eat so much cabbage in a day, I divided it roughly into three parts:
(1) the part for braising
(2) the part for blanching and freezing
(3) the part left raw for snacking

(1) I chopped roughly and put in a pot with some butter for a bit before I added a little water and cider vinegar. Then I let it cook for a long time–maybe as much as 20 minutes, covered, until it was tender-ish and starting to glaze/burn. It turned a bright pink.

(2) I chopped finely and boiled in water for 3-4 minutes. The water turned dark blue, and the cabbage a washed-out blue-purple. It’s the one in the colander in the picture, because I saved and then reduced the cooking water. It is a dark, almost inky blue-purple. I am planning to make a cake or bread with it to see if I get a nice blue color if I use that instead of water.


Stuffed Veggie Bread


I was at a loss for dinner on Wednesday night, so JrAsstChef and I made some Dwarven Warbread dough (the fastest yeast bread I know) and I prepared to make noodles and jarred sauce with fresh garlic bread and a strawberry salad. But there was a big bowl of leftover veggie-burger mix in the fridge, and it was taking up space I needed for this week’s CSA share and the 4 gallons of milk I bought. (Yes, we will drink that all in about a week, maybe as much as 10 days. We do love our cow-juice.).

So the plan changed. I wrapped some of it up in a big loaf, and a made a few little buns. The rest went in a loaf pan with a bit of cheese on top.

The little buns were the big winner here. The big loaf came out a bit uneven—it might have been better if I had used a rolling pin. The casserole dish was nowhere near as good–the salty bread dough really brought out the best in the veggies.


E asked for pizza for dinner, so I pulled the recipe from How to Cook Everything, using the whole-wheat variation. I added too much water, so I also added .5c of cornmeal (which is another variation from HtCE). The dough only rose for about half an hour, while we ran out to get mozzarella. We “shredded” the fresh mozzarella (it was essentially turned into cream cheese) and put it on a pizza with jarred maranara and some saut??ed broccoli and onions. It turned out surprisingly tasty!


Sugar Shuttle Redux

The Sugar Shuttles were so good that I decided to try a bit of variation. In particular, I wanted to see if I could make them dairy-free. This was technically a success, but they were not nearly as good. My Junior Cookie Baker liked that I used decorating sugar in yellow and purple, but the food coloring left them with an off, bitter taste. The cookie dough itself required some extra water (the Crisco box suggested 1 tbsp per .5c), and came out overly doughy. That said, they were baked at 18:00 and gone by 22:00…