Stuffed Veggie Bread


I was at a loss for dinner on Wednesday night, so JrAsstChef and I made some Dwarven Warbread dough (the fastest yeast bread I know) and I prepared to make noodles and jarred sauce with fresh garlic bread and a strawberry salad. But there was a big bowl of leftover veggie-burger mix in the fridge, and it was taking up space I needed for this week’s CSA share and the 4 gallons of milk I bought. (Yes, we will drink that all in about a week, maybe as much as 10 days. We do love our cow-juice.).

So the plan changed. I wrapped some of it up in a big loaf, and a made a few little buns. The rest went in a loaf pan with a bit of cheese on top.

The little buns were the big winner here. The big loaf came out a bit uneven—it might have been better if I had used a rolling pin. The casserole dish was nowhere near as good–the salty bread dough really brought out the best in the veggies.


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