Purple Cabbage


Did you know that food-based blue dye is made from purple cabbage? (Or blueberries). I needed food coloring in a rush, and was at Whole Paycheck getting gluten-free cupcake mix, and there it was! Our spring CSA sent us purple cabbage this week, and since tomorrow is a new box, tonight was it’s night (otherwise there would not be room—our fridge is pretty small). Since one can only eat so much cabbage in a day, I divided it roughly into three parts:
(1) the part for braising
(2) the part for blanching and freezing
(3) the part left raw for snacking

(1) I chopped roughly and put in a pot with some butter for a bit before I added a little water and cider vinegar. Then I let it cook for a long time–maybe as much as 20 minutes, covered, until it was tender-ish and starting to glaze/burn. It turned a bright pink.

(2) I chopped finely and boiled in water for 3-4 minutes. The water turned dark blue, and the cabbage a washed-out blue-purple. It’s the one in the colander in the picture, because I saved and then reduced the cooking water. It is a dark, almost inky blue-purple. I am planning to make a cake or bread with it to see if I get a nice blue color if I use that instead of water.


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