Watermelon Salad (and baked noodles)


Because I love you, Gentile Readers, I have brought you a picture of my dinner.

I’ll let you soak up the beauty for a moment.

Ok, back? Great. While we were on vacation, E became… very fond of a certain fruit. To the point where she had her first non-hide-in-Mommy’s skirt interaction with a waiter. Today, the only way I was able to convince her to go grocery shopping with me was by saying we’d try to find some. (I was really, really glad Costco had watermelon!)

Since I was cutting it up anyway, and I had some salad greens to use from the CSA, I looked up some recipes to put them together. A great many of the watermelon salad recipes have no greens: just black olives, feta and sometimes mint. I don’t have any feta (someday I will learn to plan dinner before going shopping) so I used the end of a rind of Romano. One recipe assured me that I could just toss in some greens and it would be fine, so I did. And that was it! Brian put some balsamic vinegar on, but I didn’t bother and quite liked the combination of flavor. I could have put in mint, but totally forgot. Next time. Just this was good enough to pass the empty bowl test.

Meanwhile, I took the leftover pasta from Monday night (bowties with homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives and seitan sausage), covered it in mozzarella and cheddar, and baked it for 30 minutes at 350F. Not a lot got eaten, but this was a huge improvement over microwaving leftover noodles, and now there is *cheesy* leftover pasta. It all went very well with some black tea.


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