I made meat!

In my Continuing Adventures in Grilling, I have leveled up! Today, I made beef, which I’m not sure I have cooked on a grill before—and certainly not recently.
I bought flank steak, which was probably wrong, but worked out, and coated it with a dry rub with coriander, cumin, salt, pepper, and cinnamon.
It sat in that in the fridge for about three hours, and then went on the grill for 15ish, until the thermometer read 155F

I think it turned out tasty! Now I need to learn to slice it more thinly—the pieces I sliced were not as good as the ones Brian did, but my knife skills are lacking

I also grilled some pita that had been frozen last week when it poured rain and I was unable to grill. The defrosted pita came out great!  That, plus some grilled peaches and corn, made a nice dinner.



Grill Everything


It was too hot inside, it was too hot to bake
So they had to make do without *any* cake.
They traipsed all outside, with some veggies and bread,
And they tried making everything on the grill, instead.

(Apologies to Theodore Geisel)

Did you know you can grill bread? Tonight’s dinner was grilled pita, grilled zucchini skewers, and cubed eggplant, corn and sliced onion, “grilled” in the broiling pan from the toaster.

4c flour (480g)
1 tbsp SAF yeast
1/2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
in the food processor. Pulse to mix.
Then, turn the FP on and dribble in 4 tbsp olive oil through the feed tube. Follow it with ~ 1c of water, watching carefully and stopping when the dough clumps into a ball.

Let rise 1 hour or until it at least doubles in size. Form into a big flat rectangle, score into squares (if desired) and let rest 20 minutes. Then grill 5-6 minutes on a side for even crust.

The veggies were all plain, with a little salt and olive oil to prevent sticking, but I put some zatar in plain yogurt for a dressing. Yum!

Mint Fudgesicles (free mint salad included w/each!)


I have lots of fond memories of sharing fudgesicles with my Mom when I was about Jr Taster’s age, so I wanted to try making some. Smitten Kitchen to the rescue: she has a great-looking recipe for fudge popsicles. Yay!

But my garden is overrun with chocolate mint again, and chocolate mint is perfect in chocolate (hence the name), so I made *mint* fudgesicles. I used about 20 fresh mint leaves, which made these deliciously minty. I probably only actually needed one sprig (10ish leaves), but I was nervous that the pudding didn’t taste minty enough.
I made two mistakes in these: first, I should have infused the mint into the milk, and then filtered it out. Instead, I added with the milk, to the pudding, so there are leaves that I was unable to pick out before freezing, stuck in the popsicles. Also, infusing would have let me control the minty-ness a little more.

The second is that I forgot to add the vanilla and the butter after taking the pudding off the stove. My Jr Taster was begging for more tastes (for good reason—we totally could have just eaten the pudding, other than the fact that it was really, really hot) so I didn’t realize there were more steps until after they were in the popsicle moulds and cooling. I also didn’t wait for 30m into the freezing to add the popsicle sticks—they stood up just fine in the barely-cooled pudding.

These are amazing. I also have little (2oz or less) popsicle moulds, so this made 7 for me with wooden sticks. (If I filled them enough to use the sticks that came with the mould, it would probably have only made 6, since those have lids and look weird with partly-filled moulds. I want to make more and more and more and more and more. I had one for dessert last night after Jr Taster went to bed, and other than picking out pieces of mint they are amazing. Tomorrow I will probably let Jr Taster have one (OUTSIDE, thank you very much. Possibly in her little swimming pool. Certainly with nearby washcloths and hose.) and I will get Sr Taster to help me eat up the mint-filled ones so I can make some without the Bonus Salad.

Geode squash with beet greens, apple, sage and sausage


Our CSA this week had what looked like a small, green and white pumpkin. I *love* pumpkin, so I was excited. Inside, though, was flesh that more resembled a dry zucchini, leaving my “roasted stuffed squash” plan a little weak. So I scooped out the seeds, cubed the flesh, and started hunting for other ideas. One of the few protein sources in our fridge today is a seitan apple-sage sausage. These are wonderful—they keep for ages, and can be grilled or toasted or cut up in stir-fry-ish things like this. That set the flavor palette, so I chopped up an apple and got about 20 fresh sage leaves from the garden. I also removed the stems, washed and finely chopped the greens from three beets, and grabbed some chopped scallions from last weekend.

To turn all this into food, I melted 3 tbps of butter in a large skillet. Then I tossed everything in more or less together, stirring occasionally. The sausage went in late, because it can overlook, and I added a little salt and pepper.

I served it with leftover grains, in this case rice and wheat berries, both of which were good. I also tried it with and without yogurt–the tang of the yogurt added nicely to the sweetness of the apples. Iced ginger tea rounded out our dinner, which was very well-received: my Jr Asst finished her squash and asked for more, twice.