Geode squash with beet greens, apple, sage and sausage


Our CSA this week had what looked like a small, green and white pumpkin. I *love* pumpkin, so I was excited. Inside, though, was flesh that more resembled a dry zucchini, leaving my “roasted stuffed squash” plan a little weak. So I scooped out the seeds, cubed the flesh, and started hunting for other ideas. One of the few protein sources in our fridge today is a seitan apple-sage sausage. These are wonderful—they keep for ages, and can be grilled or toasted or cut up in stir-fry-ish things like this. That set the flavor palette, so I chopped up an apple and got about 20 fresh sage leaves from the garden. I also removed the stems, washed and finely chopped the greens from three beets, and grabbed some chopped scallions from last weekend.

To turn all this into food, I melted 3 tbps of butter in a large skillet. Then I tossed everything in more or less together, stirring occasionally. The sausage went in late, because it can overlook, and I added a little salt and pepper.

I served it with leftover grains, in this case rice and wheat berries, both of which were good. I also tried it with and without yogurt–the tang of the yogurt added nicely to the sweetness of the apples. Iced ginger tea rounded out our dinner, which was very well-received: my Jr Asst finished her squash and asked for more, twice.


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