I made meat!

In my Continuing Adventures in Grilling, I have leveled up! Today, I made beef, which I’m not sure I have cooked on a grill before—and certainly not recently.
I bought flank steak, which was probably wrong, but worked out, and coated it with a dry rub with coriander, cumin, salt, pepper, and cinnamon.
It sat in that in the fridge for about three hours, and then went on the grill for 15ish, until the thermometer read 155F

I think it turned out tasty! Now I need to learn to slice it more thinly—the pieces I sliced were not as good as the ones Brian did, but my knife skills are lacking

I also grilled some pita that had been frozen last week when it poured rain and I was unable to grill. The defrosted pita came out great!  That, plus some grilled peaches and corn, made a nice dinner.



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