Banana Bread Muffins


I never have the right number of bananas. Luckily, my favorite banana bread recipe starts with frozen bananas, so I usually just throw brown ones in the freezer (sometimes peeled in a bag) for later. This is also a great use for half-bananas when I give them to the Jr Asst and don’t want the other half myself.

But even this can become a problem. The Cooks Illustrated banana bread calls for 5 frozen bananas. I had 15 (ish, since some were in pieces). Some were peeled, some were not, and three loaves of banana bread is not a reasonable amount. It freezes, but then you lose the crust—so I set out to see what else could be done.

Muffins seemed possible, and more likely to get eaten/easier to share with friends, but I only have two pans. I was given some cute paper muffin cups last spring, though, and thought those might let me use my two muffin tins more than once without washing in between. It worked! The muffin tins even cooled quickly enough to let Jr Asst put the new muffin cups in the pan for me to fill without burning herself.

I also stirred a cup of chocolate chips into the second batch, just for fun. Jr Asst is so excited, though she was briefly upset that the chocolate chips could not easily be picked back out to eat separately.

All told, there batches of banana bread batter made 44 smallish muffins. Two trays in a 350F oven required 25 minutes, so the total baking time was about the same as one loaf of bread.