Review: Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Each grocery store has different dangers for the unwary. At Whole Foods you may accidentally pick out a $4 tomato. At Costco you may accidentally buy more than fits in your pantry. At Trader Joe’s, you may buy frozen prepared meals you totally don’t need. This is a review of one of those.

Don’t get me wrong, I love gnocchi, and I don’t actually ever make them myself. But I also don’t need them…

Anyway, the other night I went looking for dinner ideas in the freezer and found these. Since it was just me and E for dinner, I made a salad and sautéed these up.

The first thing I noticed is that you cook them from frozen, and they are quite starchy on the edges. This lead to a lot of sticking and starchy mess, even in an oiled pan. They are not going to win awards for presentation:


But not every meal is pretty, and I was hungry and therefore committed, so in we went.

They look a little better on a plate:

but still not company-quality. The sauce also totally disappeared into the starches in the pan.

The flavor and texture were pretty good—light and fluffy rather than belly bombs, with good sweet potato flavor and some garlic, but I was not terribly impressed. I could do better—if I bothered to make gnocchi in the first place.


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