Potato Corn Barely-any-Rutabaga Soup


I was invited to my first-ever soup swap last week. I ended up improvising a recipe after reading a few potato soup recipes and a few rutabaga soup recipes.

I started with 3lbs of potato and about 1 lb of rutabaga. That became .5lb of rurabaga when one of the two turned out to have black spots inside. I sautéed four little onions in olive oil, and then cooked the potato and rutabaga with 4 quarts of water. Although this got me 6 quarts (really 7) of soup, it was pretty thin. I’d like to have just added another 2 lbs of potato, but I was running out of time and was completely out of root vegetables, so instead I added 1/4c of cornstarch and then a pound of frozen corn.

The corn starch did help, but I didn’t like the mouth feel of the soup as much after I added it. The corn kernels were brilliant and I would use them again. I think if I chopped up another 2 lbs of potato I could have cooked that in the soup without puréeing and had a chowder-like experience. The saving grace of this soup was the tablespoon of Old Bay, added on B’s advice. That really rounded out the flavors without a lot of messing around picking good combinations. I guess this is why people like premixed spices.

I did eat the 3/4 quart I had left after the swap containers were all filled, and it was good with crackers, would have been great with thick bread, and was tasty with cheese, which is all one can hope for from a soup :-). I just hope the other swappers liked it!


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