Chocolate Beet Muffins

I don’t really like beets plain, but they make a great ingredient, and I like muffins and chocolate. So I started from this recipe. I didn’t include chocolate chips or nuts, because every time I give my Jr Asst Baker a chocolate chip thing, I end up cleaning chocolate off her chair, and I want to share these with a friend who is allergic to nuts. I also cut the sugar to 1 cup. I tried cutting it entirely, but then the chocolate was a little too bitter. I was surprised these have no oil or dairy, so the only oil involved is the canola I used to grease the muffin tin (I don’t have muffin papers).

Before the chocolate, the batter was magenta:


After the cocoa powder, it was a lovely maroon:

And, after baking, you might never know they aren’t just chocolate:



The texture is very eggy, and there are a few places where my beet purée left evidence that there is something vegetal inside, but overall they are very good. My recipe made 18, and my math says they are 100kcal each.


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