Oatmeal-Apple Cookies


I hear one isn’t supposed to *do* things other than sleep and care for the baby when he is this new, but Jr Baker was bored, the baby was asleep, and B was at the dentist. She asked to make cookies, so I pulled out my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe because it is very easy. Instead of chocolate chips or raisins, though, she asked if we could use apples in the cookies. I agreed out of a sense of adventure, even though I suspected they might need some modifications since apples add a lot of moisture.

We used the raisin version of the recipe, with lots of cinnamon, and chopped two apples (a Braeburn and a Macintosh). The first batch baked *forever* and still came out very soft, but with a caramelkk apple taste that is amazing. For the second batch, I turned the oven up to 400F, which made them even tastier and crisp, as well as back to 10m cookies.
The 350F version are super soft and crumbly, and stick together in the cookie jar: more like a bar cookie than a drop cookie. The 400F cookies are crisp and golden-brown and caramel-ly.

The original recipe is essentially this one but back when I copied it down from the oatmeal box it had 2 sticks (16 tbsp) butter instead of 14 tbsp, and 1c brown sugar instead of 3/4c. We used two medium chopped apples instead of raisins, and baked at 400F instead of 375F. (The old recipe also said 350F, apparently they have modified it a little too!)


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