Patient Thumbkin: an analysis

The patient, who goes by the name “Thumbkin”, displays classic signs of post-traumatic stress and social anxiety. Even when engaging in the predominant social ritual of his tribe, he feigns polite conversation (“How are you today, sir?”) using formality as a shield against more intimate human contact. The response is ritualistically content-free and equally formal: “Very well, I thank you”, but the apparent content of that selfsame response is proven false by the immediate and rapid withdrawal from contact. (“Run away, run away”)

So we are moved to ask: why *is* Thumbkin so afraid of members of his own tribe, those who are nearly mirror images of himself?



This vile specimen of dragon god, and his rainbow dragon children have pursued and threatened to consume Thumbkin and family for generations. The dragons, posing as a harmless but insipid “dinosaur rainbow”, work their way into the territory of Thumbkin et al. and prey on the unsuspecting digits.

Mr Thumbkin’s terror is not pathological, it is fully logical! At any point, a previously-innocuous hand may suddenly be occupied by the ravenous heads of Tiamat—Mr T’s caution is well-advised.
The tyranny of finger puppets must end!


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