Blueberry Pie

I made my first-ever blueberry pie last week! I haven’t ever really liked blueberry pie much, but B loves it and I was pleased with this one.

I used the all-butter crust recipe (or, at least, its ingredients) from The Pie and Pastry Bible, and the Blueberry Pie recipe from Four Star Desserts with a tablespoon of cinnamon added. I shortcut around the freeze and re-freeze steps for the butter, and just cut some already frozen butter into cubes. I did use home-made pastry flour, though—1/3 cake flour and 2/3 all-purpose flour—which may have contributed to making the crust very flaky and not as tender as some I have made.
Some of the granulated sugar in the filling did not mix fully in and crystallized on top, which was actually a neat effect under the lattice crust—I may try reserving 1/4c of the sugar next time to do that on purpose. I also want to try the cream cheese crust (I didn’t have any cream cheese.)

For blueberries, I had about 2.5c fresh, so I added 2c frozen. The fresh ones were big and sweet, while the frozen ones were the smaller, more tart, Maine berries. I think the mix worked really well.
The spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon zest) also worked really well.

I was pleased to discover that the two leftover pieces, which I froze before we left for a weeklong vacation, were pretty good defrosted in the microwave.





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