Tinkerbell Slippers


My eldest child is crazy for Tinkerbell. I would be less happy about this if it were not for the modern Disney Faeries franchise: they have seriously rehabilitated Tink’s image from the 1953 Disney movie or most versions of Barrie’s play. The new Tinkerbell is an engineer and inventor, which I am happy to encourage.

Anyway, my sister gave E a Tink dress with wings and matching plastic shoes for her birthday. My niece, who was visiting, got the same set, and they were adorable running around together. The only problem was the shoes:


Aside from the inherent issues with kitten heels for preschoolers, these were very slippery on our wood floors, and a little too small besides. And they don’t actually look like Tinkerbell’s real footwear!

I found some perfect lime-green yarn at Michael’s for another project, and realized when I got it home that it is exactly the same color as E’s Tinkerbell dress, so I started hunting patterns.
I found this one on Ravelry, and decided that it just might work! I did not do the bow as she suggests, and instead did a strap 10 sc long by 3 rows to get a custom fit. I also added a closed-loop pompon for the white balls.

Since the original pattern gets a size 1.5, and E wears an 11, I used an F hook instead of G. It wasn’t quite enough—they are about a toddler size 12— but I wouldn’t want to change the hook or yarn size any more.

If I were making more, and I might, I would get stitch markers to make sure my counts are correct, and I would consider working elastic into the top row. I might also cut a few stitches from the sides to shorten the overall length. I also want to add something to the bottom to make them a bit less slippery, but I am not sure what…

The important part: E loves them!



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