Backup Plan Foods: Fake Lindsor Tarts


Potlucks are fraught with peril. Will others bring things my family eats? Will my offering be worthy? Or, on less good days, can I make something edible out of what is in my pantry or do I need to pay for a precut fruit bowl at the grocery store?

E has a preschool picnic today, and we are supposed to bring a fruit or dessert. I had hoped to bring banana bread muffins, but that didn’t happen: when both my kids took naps simultaneously I took one too! I regret nothing, that was the best 30 minutes ever.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have to bring something, so I inventoried the pantry. From my 30 pizelle, and some fancy jams comes/

Fake Lindsor Tarts!

  • Pizelle, ideally unbroken
  • Fancy jam (in this case, lemon curd and fig butter)

Spread jam on a pizelle. Cover with another pizelle. If pizelle is broken, pair with unbroken cookie or give to preschooler. Serve!


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