Apple Crisp

We went apple picking yesterday for International Babywearing Week(1)
So now I am the proud owner of many, many apples:


I took four of the giant green ones, chopped them with the skins on into 1.5cm pieces, tossed on some nutmeg and cinnamon, and put them under my favorite crisp recipe to bake.

I baked at 400F for about half an hour, not including the 3 minutes while something else was finishing under the broiler above it. The apples could have used more time to get totally soft, but the topping would have started to burn (though I probably could have prevented that by not broiling my dinner above the baking crisp. I didn’t want to heat the second oven)

But nobody complained, crisp is yummy.

(1) In which we wear our babies and toddlers while we have Adventures. This is not that different from every week around here, except that we talk about it more and we try to have All The Adventures in the same week. This is slightly exhausting but very fun! And we have a fundraising raffle.


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