Chicken Soup

Last week was crazy busy, and it appears to have caught up with me in the form of being achy and exhausted—aka probably sick. But parenting doesn’t have sick days, and it’s a school holiday, and even a visit to the trampoline park didn’t get the big kid a nap. C’est la vie.

So I am making myself comfort food. We had a bag of roasted chicken pieces in the freezer, so I sautéed a couple onions with some carrots and celery, and then tossed the chicken in with 12 cups of water. Two bay leaves, a head of garlic and some salt and cracked pepper round out the flavor, and it has another two hours to boil gently. We’ll see how it comes out! I plan to serve it with my favorite pita:

3 cups flour (up to half whole wheat)
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp SAF yeast
3 tbsp olive oil
1 cup water

Mix everything except the water in the food processor. Add the water through the feed tube until it clumps. Turn into a bowl and knead gently 3-4 times until you have a boule. Cover with a towel and let rise 1-2 hours.

Flatten and cut into quadrilaterals. Let rise 20 minutes, then bake at 400F 10-15 minutes until they start to turn golden brown.


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