Sweet Potato Apple Cider Biscuits


I roasted a somewhat ridiculous amount of sweet potato last week, because the baby loves it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like being spoon-fed; in fact, he outright refuses most of the time. Thie potatoes roasted extra-long due to some child-related crisis, so their final consistency was too soft for a good finger food, leaving me with a lot of sweet potato purée and no plan.

Conveniently, sweet potato can be substituted for pumpkin, so I made both a sourdough and a quick bread version of not-pumpkin bread, and these biscuits.

“But wait”, you say, “there is no cider in those!”
And you are right, and if you have been reading here before, you won’t be surprised that there is a substitution. I stock buttermilk powder, rather than fresh buttermilk, so instead of mixing that with the sweet potato, I whisked it with the dry ingredients. But instead of adding water to finish, I added 2/3c of apple cider to a double batch of biscuits. The end result is sweet, “sparkly”, and very fall. I may make more of these to take for Thanksgiving, because even a double batch won’t last that long! I got 18 biscuits from a double batch, 6 of which were frozen for later baking.


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