Shrove Tuesday Pancakes: Dutch Apple


I love pancakes, and I love breakfast for dinner.  This is convenient, since many kinds of pancakes take too long to make for weekday-morning breakfasts. It’s National Pancake Day, and Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday—what better excuse to make fancy pancakes and bacon for dinner?

I found a recipe online that looked pretty good, and more-or-less followed it. I have a 12″ pan and (usually) four hungry pancake eaters, so I doubled the recipe, but shorted it 1/3c of sugar.  I also misread one instruction, and put the apples in the butter before the sugar/cinnamon/nutmeg, so I put it all on top and then stirred up the apples and re-settled them into the pan. I also used 3 Pink Lady apples, which were perfectly sweet and tart. I’d bought four, but then I’m *sure* it would have overflowed—it was *almost* too much batter for my 12″ Lodge skillet.

I did a lot of whisking, to which I credit the relatively fluffy, custardy texture:

My vanilla measurements are approximate, because I’m lazy, and have lots to spare:


I have a really well-tempered cast iron skillet, so I probably could have used only half a stick of butter for the pan, but today was not for restraint:


And it looked delicious even before baking:


Served with oven-cooked bacon, everyone was happy (except J, who was overtired and sick and whose tooth hurts. He wanted to go to bed)


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