GF DF avocado muffins

An unreasonable number of avocados came home with us the other day, and they were getting to the use-or-lose stage. I’ve tried avocado muffins before, I have some GF flour I have been meaning to try, and B has some GFDF colleagues, so I figured I would try to combine these.

I used:
12 tbsp avocado
1.5c sugar
4c GF flour
6 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
And .5c water. I was using Bittman’s sweet and rich muffin recipe as my inspiration, but 1c of milk-replacer would be way too much. I also put in some cinnamon extract and some nutmeg for non-avocado flavor.

The batter is kind of gross: grainy, very vegetabley and thin. But the muffins bake up nicely in 20 minutes.



The crumb and texture is actually better than the taste, but they’re pretty good! Way better than I feared from the batter, and good enough that I suspect I may have to make more in order to share some with the GF/DF folks at B’s office—the kids have eaten most of them.

I made up a batch of DF avocado muffins with regular flour, to compare. They needed the full 1c of water to moisten the batter, but otherwise are very similar. I skipped the cinnamon and nutmeg, since it was not noticeable in the GF version anyway.
These are definitely more springy, but the flavor is actually pretty similar and tasty. I suspect the gluten version will dry out less, but we will see. The one issue I had with these is that they weren’t quite done when I took them out: they passed the toothpick test, but then had spots that were still slimy and unbaked, that I didn’t notice until they had cooled a little. I suspect they need 30-35 minutes, not the 25 I gave them. (Rebaking obviously took longer than that, because they had to get *back* up to temperature.) I notice that I did make the wheat flour muffins *larger*, which may account for more than the change in flour—filling them 3/4 full probably would have made them bake faster.