Chicken Pot Pie with bacon bechamel


We were sharing a house on vacation this week with a friend who is lactose-intolerant, so I made a chicken pot pie with Earth Balance in the crust and a bacon-grease based bechamel. I had about a cup of bacon fat, strained to get the crunchies out (thanks John!) and added a cup of flour. I cooked it together for a few minutes and then added what we had of Lactaid milk, which I was briefly afraid was a disaster—it clumped into a giant dumpling and looked like seized chocolate. But I kept stirring and added water and it came back. I added some oregano and, surprisingly, some salt, and poured it over chopped cooked chicken, frozen peas, parboiled carrots (to just crispy-tender) and some leftover corn. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the pies before cutting, but it was too chaotic (13 people with 6 kids under 5 is a busy house) and I forgot. But I got one of leftovers today:



Garden progress

Not too much from the garden yet. The tomatoes are starting to trickle in (6 cherry today) and there are three promising cukes on the vine. The broccoli is starting to look broccolish, but the zucchini is still flowering. The blueberries are done, so I just need to keep them from getting overrun by the mint. The grapes aren’t going to fruit this year, which I expected, but they are climbing the trellis nicely.

And, speaking of overrun, not even feeding the faeries is keeping our sage in line. It is huge!